What We Do

We’re helping athletes reach their true potential through a variety of bespoke coaching solutions


1-2-1 Sports Training Programmes

Personalised online training programming for sports, e.g. rugby, football, hockey, etc.


Track & Field Coaching Programmes

Strength and conditioning programmes for track and field sports


Sprint Coaching Programmes

We provide sprinters acceleration, endurance, and recovery programmes


Skype Consultation

On-demand training consulting for athletes of all levels


Force Platform Diagnostics

Using the latest force platform technology we do xyz with it


Injury Rehabilitation

Getting athletes back in action through injury rehab training programmes


Young Athlete Coaching

Training teenage athletes takes a specific type of programme because xyz


Assault Course Race Coaching

From Tough Mudder to the Spartan Race, we help participants get trained up



This program is a step by step introductory speed training. What this means is that there is no guess work, everything is put in place for you to follow. If you follow it to the letter YOU will get faster and YOU will perform better.

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TeamBuildr Partners with Sportland

I am delighted to announce that I have partnered with TeamBuildr If you’re up with the social media side of things with Coach Sportland you will no that a lot is happening. There is a serious amount of work happening. I have partnered with TeamBuildr as I believe their product is the best on the […]

COACH SPORTLAND TOUR UPDATE – Speed Development Workshop

You may have seen that this summer I am going on a seminar tour! The first announced is this Applied Speed Workshop. This workshop is 90% practical in which I will break down mechanics, problem solve, coach and you will get to coach. BOOK YOUR TICKETS HERE – ON SALE FOR £35 Where else is […]