10 Explosive Medicine Ball Exercises to Boost Speed: A Complete Guide

Hey there, I’m Sam Portland, the founder of Speed by Sportland. Today, I’m thrilled to share with you some crucial medicine ball exercises designed to enhance your speed. Whether you’re an athlete looking to improve performance or someone aiming to elevate their fitness level, these exercises will help you unlock your potential. Let’s dive in!


  1. Overhead Throw: The overhead throw is a fundamental exercise for building explosive power. Start by holding a medicine ball overhead, then dip down and explosively launch the ball forward. Remember, speed is key here, so ensure a swift motion from start to finish. Check out our demonstration from two angles to perfect your form.
  2. Granny Toss: Similar to the overhead throw, the granny toss focuses on propelling the ball forward. However, this time, we lean and angle our body to generate momentum. Avoid the common mistake of releasing the ball too late, as it may affect the trajectory. Instead, imagine throwing the ball over an obstacle to maintain the right angle and drive.
  3. Push Press: The push press emphasizes a short dip and explosive drive to propel the ball upward. Keep the ball close to your chest, execute a quick dip, and drive the ball upwards. This exercise targets fast and explosive movements, essential for enhancing speed.
  4. Lateral Throw: For lateral explosiveness, the lateral throw is your go-to exercise. Focus on rotating your hips and shoulders as you throw the ball across your body. The key is to generate power from the rotation, maximizing your lateral strength and agility.
  5. Single-Leg Throw: Take your lateral throw to the next level with the single-leg variation. This advanced exercise challenges your stability and coordination while improving lateral explosiveness. Start with one leg planted firmly, then execute the throw while maintaining balance. It’s all about harnessing power from your hips and core.
  6. Front-On Slam: Crush your fitness goals with the front-on slam, a dynamic exercise that targets full-body power. Drive the ball into the ground with force, engaging your hips and core throughout the movement. Remember to maintain proper form and control to maximize effectiveness.
  7. Two-Point Throw: The two-point throw offers endless gains in speed development. With a simple setup and execution, this exercise focuses on explosive power generation. Utilize your hips to drive the ball forward, then accelerate with controlled strides to maximize results.
  8. Kneeling Medicine Ball Drive: Challenge your lower body strength and explosiveness with the kneeling medicine ball drive. Drop into a kneeling position, then drive the ball forward using your hips. Focus on explosive power from the setup to the execution, maximizing every movement.
  9. Rotational Slam: Unleash rotational power with the rotational slam, a dynamic exercise that engages your entire body. Rotate your hips and shoulders as you slam the ball into the ground, channeling force from head to toe. Maintain a bent knee position to optimize power output and minimize impact.
  10. Speed Skater Jump: Finish strong with the speed skater jump, a plyometric exercise that targets lateral explosiveness. Jump laterally while holding the medicine ball, alternating sides with each repetition. Focus on quick, explosive movements to enhance agility and speed.

Incorporate these explosive medicine ball exercises into your training regimen to take your speed to new heights. Whether you’re sprinting down the track or dominating on the field, these exercises will help you unlock your full potential. Remember to focus on proper form, speed, and intensity to maximize results. Get ready to elevate your speed and performance like never before!

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