A few thoughts on High Performance


I posted this on my social media yesterday but I thought it was blog worthy.

‘When we stop thinking we can actually control what we WANT the outcome to be and start believing in our ability then things become more certain’ – however this comes from coaching not built in fear but empowering people.

Technology – Just telling you what you can see with your coaches eye and keeps the 🏹 pointing in the right direction.

Supplements – Na mate…I don’t care how many bro shakes you drink it means nothing when you’re out there.

‘Professionalism’ – aka the way which an organisation inflicts control on its members shackling their true ability and spirit. Within a large amount of people the collective identity has a hybrid of faces and however many single words you use that summarises your culture it means nothing.

I am a firm believer that when something becomes everything it becomes nothing. In the organisations where it means everything you loose the human touch and the revolving door spins on short stints at clubs.

Non elite environments / semi pro – I’ve been in many of these over my career and you can create some great stories. I was guilty when I took my first S&C role, I tried to make it ‘professional’. I was very lucky that I was coaching at a premiership rugby club at the time so I had insight to both. I learned very fast. It can’t be professional and it never will be. Find the fun as a match fee can’t buy enjoyment.

I am on a mission to see many environments and places and not draw commonalities but see what is different about them. I believe this is where lies the truth. However we should never forget the universal truth that is RESPECT. ☯️

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