A Mobility Routine for increased energy

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A mobility routine or mobility flow as people like to call them are a great tool to warm up the body before training. They comprise of selective movements targeting range of motion and specific strengthening.

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A mobility routine can also have secondary benefits. Such as relieving stress and increasing energy. This is perfect if you are working from home. Or stuck behind a desk.

I have received a lot of questions recently from friends of mine who are working from home now and just seem to be getting a lot of aches and pains from sitting at their desk. Our posture can deteriorate drastically. Which in turn we can suffer from all sorts of aches and pains. Not to mention sap the energy out of you. The reason why you lack energy is because you have go stale. Sat hunched over a screen absorbing bright light that is no good for your body.

Try this mobility routine

This routine consists of four exercises. My advice is to complete 3-5 circuits of this routine. A great place to do it is before work if you can. Or even before lunch. As you don’t want to go from sitting at home working to then sitting at home eating.

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