Bodyweight strength training for athletes is an incredibly powerful means when done properly. Almost in every athlete’s training journey, there are disruptions. There are times where you cannot get to the gym or do not have the resources available to you.

This has happened a lot to me over the decade I’ve spent working with athletes. You have to adapt. Furthermore, young athletes, coaches and even those at the top of their field fail to implement these basic movements into their programs for athletes because they do not understand it.

Bodyweight Strength Training Mistakes

What individuals tend to do is create bodyweight training that I like to call ‘Work for work’s sake’. This is not the appropriate bodyweight training for athletes. These sessions are high volume, low intensity, that just makes you tired. Ultimately this creates a NEGATIVE transfer to your performance, and thus they do not use bodyweight exercises in their programs again.

Now in this video, I highlight the 3 main reasons as to why you should be implementing bodyweight strength training into your programming. Why continue to train like a bodybuilder, when you know as a Football, Rugby or other contact sport player, you need to be able to juke, step, sprint, run, tackle, and bust through contact at any moment, but you’re focused purely on moving a barbell and a couple of plates in a linear motion.

But remember with this being said this isn’t a video about bodyweight training vs weight training. The two need to complement each other. And what is beautiful about bodyweight training is that it doesn’t matter whether you’re a runner, rugby player, young athlete, teenager, professional athlete, beginner, these exercises can be completed with just your bodyweight (obviously) and get you the results you’re looking for.

Using the Coach Sportland bodyweight training for athletes complete system has been trialled tested and gets results. Stop just using Bodyweight training for HIIT or circuit training, and start implementing into your routine for speed and strength gains, and then comment below your results.

I’d love to see how you get on trying out the examples mentioned in this video, and also the results gained from the program: THE BODYWEIGHT ATHLETE

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