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Grab these free ebooks for athletes and coaches to start your journey to world class now.

As a coach it is important for me to try and help you start your journey as soon as possible, which is why I have created these free ebooks and other resources.

I have created a free coaching resource that covers:

  • You as the athlete – this will help you develop your speed, power, health and all over athleticism.
  • You as the coach – learn the systems I implement to help my athletes get better everyday.

I believe that everyone has the ability to be world class and you have certain skill sets that lend to certain situations. But with the right guidance you can thrive.

Please enjoy these resources and tell your friends about them.

free athletic assessment download tool

With just a few simple assessments that you can complete with your camera phone and some of my personal insight you can unlock your athletic performance like never before. Learn how you favourably produce force and what you need to do to increase this and much more.

After many years of developing the Sportland Academy. My staff and I have come up with the TOP 5 things we think you need to know when coaching youth athletes.

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So you want to be an S&C coach? . Coach…what does that even mean to you? . Does it mean wearing a pro clubs badge on your shirt? . Does it mean helping people? . Does it mean making people better at their sport? . Does it mean creating meaningful relationships through shared passion? . Can you be friends with the people you work with? . Does it mean fighting to be undervalued and easily dismissed? . For me when I started coaching I wanted to be the best…and that meant coaching England Rugby. When I started coaching my friends in parks and my shed at home I had this glorified vision that if I got there it mattered. . Time is an interesting beast and a huge moment for me was when a pro player asked me to coach is girlfriend. For me then I became bigger than ‘the best’ because I had created something more meaningful. A deeper relationship. . Now I want to be world class and 1000s of athletes and coaching hours later I’m starting to realise what that is. BIGGER MEANINGFUL IMPACT. . Now I wear the Sportland Badge which was always underneath the jersey I coached in. My badge, my pride and my privilege. . #strengthandconditioning #strengthtraining #coach #coaching #sportcoach #rugby #football #soccer #reflection #impact #motivation #mindset #lonewolf #changetheworld #changethegame

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