Speed Training Program


Free Speed Training Program from Sportland Off-season Sprint Prep

Speed training is an essential part of all sports. Especially in running based sports. However there arent many coaches who coach it well. I have been lucky enough to work in track and feild and professional rugby where I have made my athletes faster time and time again. This is a huge passion of mine and something I love doing. Helping people get better.

Will Harries is a great example. Achieving his fastest ever sprint time in his 30s. He ran 1.56 second 10m Sprint time.

Speed Training Program

The Program

I think its important to show you inside my Speed Manuals – Off Season and In-season. Speed is a very complex skill which is why people dedicate their lives to it and the 100m sprint at the olympics is THE EVENT TO BE IN!!! What I am going to give you now is a free program out of one of the off-season speed program. This session is an Acceleration sesssion and you can do this many times and it will make a difference to your speed.

Want to Learn More About Speed with this free video or Be Coached by me CLICK HERE

All the exercises in the program are in the sports speed playlist from youtube. Got and check them out and get faster today!

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