Lower back pain crushed with these simple steps.

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Lower back pain is a terrible problem to deal with. Now that a vast majority of the population of the planet has been resorting to working from home I am receiving a lot of messages about this issue. If you have any questions, drop me a message. What I have decided to do is put together this article with three easy steps you can do to remove your back pain.

Shows the point of lower back pain

Why you get back pain?

For the majority of the time the reason you will suffer from lower back pain is a result of a change in muscle balance within the hips. This is turn causes a number of things which can easily be described in this image.

Most of the time you will be told so ‘stretch’ these ‘tight’ muscles. What you don’t know is that ‘tight’ muscles are protecting you. They are protecting you because their antagonistic counterparts are not doing their job.

So what we need is to put some load into your body. Especially through your hips. But before that you need to Decompress your spine and floss out the sciatic nerve.

Lower Back Remedy Strategy.

Simply put perform this short routine 3 times per day.

STEP 1: LOWER BACK FASCIAL STRETCHING – Perform build up to 2 minutes. Perform deep breathing whilst pushing through the heels of your hands away from you.

STEP 2: SCIATIC NEURAL FLOSSING – Perform 1 set of 20-30 reps

STEP 3: HIP CARS – Perform 10 reps each ways. Ensure you are squeezing your glutes the whole time you are completing this movement.

These three strategies are going to help you break the back of your back pain and allow you to start progressing pain free. However these strategies whilst an incredibly vital component to removing your back pain you will need to have a structured training program.

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