Master Acceleration with Wall Drills – Part 3: Unleashing Speed and Power

Sam Portland Master Acceleration Series

Welcome back to the latest instalment of our acceleration mastery series! In Part 3, we delve deeper into the world of wall drills, focusing on leg exchange patterns and unilateral emphasis. Led by the renowned Coach Sam Portland, this session promises to elevate your speed and power to new heights.

Exploring Leg Exchange Patterns:
As athletes, we understand that acceleration is more than just raw speed—it’s about efficiency and technique. In this session, Coach Sam emphasizes the importance of mastering leg exchange patterns. By honing our ability to exchange legs with precision and control, we optimise force transfer and maximize momentum.

Understanding Unilateral Emphasis:
Unilateral drills take centre stage in Part 3, challenging athletes to push their limits and embrace the power of single-leg movements. Through unilateral exercises, we enhance force production but also develop greater ground reaction force and impulse—key components of explosive acceleration.

Key Takeaways and Application:
As we progress through the session, it’s essential to understand the progression and layering of exercises. Starting from foundational drills and gradually advancing to more complex movements, athletes build a comprehensive training regimen that targets every aspect of acceleration mastery.

In Part 3 of our series, we’ve delved into leg exchange patterns and unilateral emphasis, unlocking the secrets to explosive acceleration in team sports. With Coach Sam Portland’s guidance and expertise, athletes have the tools they need to refine their technique and elevate their performance on the field. Stay tuned for more insights and techniques in our ongoing journey towards acceleration mastery!



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