Mathew McConaughey-This is why you’re not happy

Matthew McConaughey – This Is Why You’re Not Happy | One Of The Most Eye Opening Speeches

Matthew McConaughey is a great actor. When I watched this speach he gave I was completely blown away. Some true and rich motivational words that stem to deep philosophical meaning.

If you havent you really need to watch this video!!!

Some of my notes on this video.

  • Feed the good wolf and the bad wolf because you need to keep both alive in order to know the power of who you are.
  • Do not chase happiness, find joy in what you do and the people you keep and the relationships you build.
  • Embrace failure to provide context to where you are on your journey.
  • ‘our joy, our honest pain, our laughter, our earnt tears’ – raw construtive emotions which shape who you are. Look at these and really look into yourself and you will get better.
  • What is success? You must define this! What is your mark you choose to leave?
  • DO NOT JEPODISE YOUR SOUL – DO NOT DRINK THE COOLADE – LIFE IS NOT A POPULARITY CONTEST – so true and with the previous all in place you can work to take the leap of faith, take the step the terrifies you the most.
  • You must ‘feed’ yourself like you would do your child – you know what is good for you. Embrace the craving, work with the feeling and understand it. Then transend it.
  • ‘Eliminate who you are not and the you can become closer to who you are’ – This is incredibly obvious but incredibly powerful. Which is embeded with deep philosophical meaning. Something everyone could spend some time thinking about.
  • ‘An honset mans pillow is his peace of mind’ – A song lyric from John Mellencamp
  • When as a human you are constantly raising your bar whilst healthy to stay in competition with yourself and work to your goals. You may never actually see and appreciate what you have created. At every corner there is a opportunity to see something youve never seen before but be sure not to forget the path you trod to get there.

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