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Sportland 12 Week Online Athlete Program

Get full access to the Sportland Training Principles wherever you are in the world

This complete personalised training package provides you with the following:

  1. Speed Training
  2. Strength Training
  3. Power Training
  4. Conditioning Training
  5. Injury Prevention
  6. Fatigue Managment
  7. Performance based training modificaitons
  8. Modified around your current training e.g. rugby, football, athletics etc.
  9. Every Rep and Weight selected for you….ZERO GUESS WORK

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IF you are ready to commit then email me: sam@coachsportland.co.uk


3 reviews for 12 Weeks Bespoke Training Package

  1. Graeme Scott

    Sam’s online programme has been influential in increasing my strength and speed while I have been living abroad playing hockey. There is regular contact and any questions that need to be answered are always clarified. Sam goes above and beyond what is expected to ensure that the programme is perfectly matched to your individual goals and, in my case, compliments my hockey training without overloading. There is regular progress testing and the programme is adjusted based on which phase of the season I am in.

    Having dislocated my elbow Sam provided exercises to do in order to strengthen and prevent reinjury once the doctors said I was allowed to start using it. The speed at which I was able to get back to normal use was far quicker than had I not had a specific programme devised by Sam.

  2. Liam Goodison

    Sam’s online athlete performance programme has been the best thing I have ever invested in! I play semi professional rugby and without the S&C Sam has provided I would not be playing at the level I am at today. I have had Sam as my S&C coach for 5 years and his online programmes have been absolutely phenomenal. I first started using Sam’s 12 week bespoke training package returning from a torn meniscus in which I lost a lot of strength in my lower body, Sam’s programming took me on leaps and bounds to get me back to where I needed to be and beyond so I was able to return to playing a high standard of rugby. Sam’s programmes are specifically tailored to your needs and goals in sports performance as well preventing injury. Along side this Sam provides an excellent service of explaining or answering any questions you may have so you feel confident when approaching a session.

  3. Troy Snowden (verified owner)

    I got in touch with Sam after breaking my fibula at a crucial part of the rugby season, and I decided whilst recovering I could hopefully make a bit of progress with some upper body gym work. However, while I have made lots of progress with my size, strength and power in my upper body (more than I could have ever hoped for within 12 weeks) I’ve also kept my strength high in my lower body and my ankle has recovered far quicker than I and the hospital hoped for. I hope to continue to use Sam to not only fully complete my rehab but also increase my speed and strength to ultimately make me a better rugby player.

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