Want to see the Coach Sportland Athlete Training System?

Want to know how i’ve been doing the following?

* Put 4 inches on an NFL players’ vertical jump in 12 weeks?
* Regularly improving 10m acceleration buy over 10% in less than 4 weeks?
* Regularly putting 20-30kgs on max strength scores lifting less?
* Removing pain and nagging injuries quicker than ever without stopping sport!!
* Extended Careers?

These repeat success aren’t by accident!

There is a system which gets implemented which allows me to trigger certain training programs, strategies and responses.

I have used this with athletes time and time again! Professional Rugby players, Sprinters, footballers, NFL players from Amateur to World Cup Winners and National Champions!

I know exactly where to place the training and what it is going to do!

Now I am bringing it to you! So bring a note pad!

This won’t be filmed!

This won’t be done again!

This is a one time deal!

This is something that will benefit you?

Well I have this exclusive one day seminar launching at the amazing 10,000 Square foot facility of Strength and Performance in Stockport

This Seminar is taking place SATURDAY 3rd AUGUST

Limited Spots, Guaranteed Results!


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