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Working from home is a challenging thing to adjust to. When I made this transition I thought it was going to be easy. But I had a lot to learn along the way.

Adjusting to working from home

Whilst working from home sounds appealing until you are met with the reality of it. Whilst you think when you work from home things will get easier. They can actually become a lot harder. When working in the office you do not realise that

  • It provides you with structure 
  • It gets you moving 
  • your brain stays engaged 
  • you’re more productive
  • and most of all you are out of the house.

Your brain doesn’t have to ‘Switch’ modes because you are already conditioned to psychologically to the act of going to work. This just one of many challenges I had to face. Especially when the place that I at my dinner became the place that I ran my business from.


What happened was that I became what I like to call desk bound. I wouldn’t leave my seat for most of the day. I went from 10,000 steps a day to less that 1000. Then I became tired, sluggish and very stressed. I was working all the time and I actually got less done.

Not to mention the physical aches and pains of working from home

  • My lower back was in bits
  • I had crazy neck pain
  • If and when I got into the gym my strength was 50% down at least.

What had happened is that I let my guard down and lost all of my work balance. The more I worked the worse I got and I had to learn fast. So over the next 18month I went about creating balance and boosting productivity.

This is why I have put together Desk Bound. Desk bound is a list of performance strategies I have used to become productive, energised and increase my overall performance.

In this guide you will learn how to

  • Remove all the physical pains and become more energised.
  • Learn how to effectively task manage
  • Clear your mind and learn to task switch to effective work.
  • Build new habits to automate the needless tasks in your life so you can focus on work.
  • Set all important boundaries around your new work life balance and take control of your schedule

This guide get the sportland seal of approval and I will give provide you with a full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied after implementing these techniques for 30 days.


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