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Introducing you to the Plyometric progressions manual for coaches. The ultimate playbook for your plyometric training.  Understanding how to progress training when the accreditations only tell you to depth jump is a first class ticket to overload and poor adaptation.

Over the years and from the learnings form the great Verkhoshansky and the like I have put together a development strategy of jump training. I use this playbook with my athletes to this day and yield great results.


Plyometric training benefits

If you didn’t know these are just some of the benefits of having a jump training program embedded in your overall training strategy.

  • Training to utilise the stretch shortening cycle
  • Elicits greater elastic recoil of muscle and tendons
  • Improves coordination and muscle timing • Greater muscle fibre firing rates
  • Creates tendon stiffness to reduce ground contact time
  • Stimulates to enhances the Central nervous system signalling outputs
  • Allows you to effectively produce more force into the ground
  • Provides a stimulus that’ll aid in reducing non-contact injuries
  • Reduce metabolic energy being produced through muscular contraction by increasing the use of elastic energy 
  • If these benefits don’t sound like they’re worth the investment then click off  this page now…if not scroll down!!!


“With a strategy of development you can push and pull your training in any direction without negating adaptation.”


Inside the plyometric training manual

This 24 page guide is designed to make life easier for you. Allow you to coach and program more freely. Rather than thinking about what exercises to use you can think about coaching effectively and improving your overall system. So waste no time and invest in yourself to better your athletes and your career.

  • A true understanding of how to program and implement jump training.
  • The system of development of how to progress your athletes.
  • The confidence to prescribe jumps and know they will be improving your athletes.
This guide doesn’t just show you what to do. It has been done for you!!!
So before you waste any more time guessing how to program jumps download your copy instantly and streamline your process.


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