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Returning to the gym is tough…

Returning to the gym can be an interesting time. You aren’t quite sure where to start but don’t want to forget where you left off. But let’s be honest we have all done the one thing we shouldn’t do and jump straight back into our old routine.

Then we cant walk for two days and by the time we need to train again we don’t give the session what we wanted to. This is why it is important to have a progressive exposure to intensity. If you have trained for a good while you wont loose too much of your strength with time away. But to get it back you need to gradually remind your body what weights feel like.

This three-week program will do that for you! Then you can get back to your normal routine safely and reap the benefits of building some training armour.

If you aren’t happy with the program after completing it you will receive a refund no questions asked. 

The program consists of three sessions per week which will take roughly 60mins to complete.

To Complete this program all you need is

  • Dumbells
  • Barbells and some weights
  • A Rack (but not essential)
  • Ab wheel
  • Desire to get better!!!

Inside the program all the exercises are linked to video demonstrations so you know exactly what you are meant to be doing.


If you have any further questions please contact me via email:


Note. This program is a downloadable PDF. Once you have purchased you will be sent an email. Inside you will have a download link. Please download and save immediately. Please check your spam.


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