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The Final Instalment – Bodyweight Training for Athletes

Im proud to offer you the third and final instalment of the Bodyweight Athlete training program. Being stuck without equipment is not an excuse not to improve in your training. My athletes have done it for years when faced with your exact situation.

Not to mention now I have realsed this 12 week program I have managed to transform the training of literally hundreds more athletes.

I urge you not to fall into the trap of working too hard. Work harder at working smarter. You may have seen these gruelling workouts on the internet to burn calories. Well the BWA training system is designed for you to maintain muscle mass, get fitter and increase your performance output. The program has built in testing.

I 100% believe that if you follow this program to the letter then you will see the results you desire.

When you think about why this program is important make sure you have a read of this.

If you are just finding your way to this page then please check out the BUNDLE. When combining this manual with the bundle you will have a complete 12 week periodised training program.

This program has taken equipment-less training for athletes and people in general to a whole new level. I have carefully



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