About Coach Sportland

First name Sam. Surname Portland.


See, Handsome & Smart

Coach Sam Portland


I’m also the guy that’s gonna make you the best athlete you’ve ever been…

Hi, I’m Sam.

I play semi-pro rugby, train Olympic athletes and am one of the UK’s most experienced S&C coaches for international competitors, with over 40 competing superstars currently training under one of my programmes.

Not bad for a ginger.

If you’re serious about becoming world-class, then I’m serious about getting you there, and with over a decade of experience, you can seriously trust I will.

If you’re looking for structure, recovering from injuries, want to make more of an impact on the field, or got to the point where you’re not improving, then only world-class coaching is going to push you to get better.

In fact, to hell with better. ‘Better’ didn’t win any medals.

Working with me will get you to your best and help you stay there.


Not to go all philosophical on you, but…

I have a very profound way of working. And it works. My coaching isn’t just physical, it’s educational too, and this is the secret to the world’s most successful athletes.

(It’s also why I host and deliver CPD events on Rehabilitation, physical conditioning and performance coaching to FitPros, NHS Physiotherapists and Pro Coaches, too…but now I’m just showing off)

Working with me will give you the deepest understanding of your body and why certain incremental changes and tweaks are fundamental to your sporting success.

Is it ground breaking? Yes.

Is it sustainable? Most definitely.

Is it hard? Don’t even ask.

But, that’s not all. For a full low-down of all my qualifications and experience, you can get never-before-seen access to my personal CV, right HERE.