Sam Portland on the Power of “Speed Gate Golf” on Injury Prevention and Performance: Just Fly Performance Podcast #141

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It was a great privilege to be a guest on the Just Fly Sports Performance Podcast.

You can listen NOW!

Here are some of the key quotes from the show!

“If you look at coaching, we are academics in a kinesthetic world”

“Every time speed gates come out in professional environment people get hurt (pull hamstrings)”

“(By doing sprint and technical drills through the gates) their feedback loop is always positive”

“(In speed gate golf) It became a really competitive game because people wanted to run slow, instead of all wanting to run fast, the goal was to run slow, but run slow technically well”

“(In speed gate golf) We used rank-record-publish”

“(Using speed gate golf) We didn’t have a hamstring, calf, groin issue at all out of 28 players, and we were knocking boys down into the 10 meters into low 1.6’s”

“Any time a guy ran a 2 second 10 (submaximal, accurate running), there was a picture of me and him shaking hands going on my Instagram”

“From there, we just built our process of intensification, they’ve showed me that they respect it and understand it…. we just took our rhythm from our a-skip drills and bounds and put that into the gates… show me your a-skip, show me the bound, and now just speed it up a little bit”

“Speed gate golf is a 2 second day in trainers… we’d go back to those extensive qualities, then we’d go to intensive qualities”

“When you start looking as training as an organism in response to oxygen, then you are going to go a long way”

“(In regards to relaxation) Athletes always want to be “on”… nah…. be “off””

Joel has a great book of which you can purchase here…

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