I am pleased to announce that I will be presenting at Rigs gym in Birmingham on Sunday 17th March from 1PM -5 PM.

I will be showing you the HOW, WHAT, WHY & WHEN of Speed development.

The results are all you need to know!

Will Harries, Wales, Newport Dragons, London Irish, Ealing “I have worked with Sam over three seasons. Through his weights, speed mechanics and training drills I have developed my top end speed, which has in turn helped me reach my fastest speed yet.”
Peter Lydon – Ealing, London Scottish, Stade Fracais
“Having worked with Sam for well over a year, I can honestly say that he has improved my performance immensely especially in areas that I struggled with before. His ability to look outside the box has been refreshing and has given me a new outlook on S&C. I hope work with him again in the future.”
Howard Packman – Ealing, Bedford, Northampton Saints, England Sevens.
Coming back from two hamstring injuries, I was nervous, cautions & weak. He made a plan for me and helped me stick to it. I was impressed with his knowledge and detail of even the very small things.
Howard is now in the 10m/s club!!!!

This seminar will be split into class room and practical elements which

Class Room

  • Theory behind speed development and the approach you take?
  • How you would differ the training approach depending on sport played?
  • How you would manage plyometric and weight room prescription around this

Practical Elements

  • Key acceleration drills, how to demo them, coaching cues you like, common mistakes athletes make how to correct them.
  • Key max velocity drills

Understanding, how and why I do this?

WHEN: Sunday 17th March from 1PM -5 PM

THE VENUE:  4 Willersey Rd, Birmingham B13 0AY

Make sure you book now as spaces are LIMITED!!!


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