Three Acceleration Training Drills for Team Sport Athletes

Speed training

If you are an athlete acceleration training should be top of your list. Why? Because it is what separates the competition. I love coaching speed and seeing my athletes progress. This is why I have put together this short post to show you my three GO TO acceleration training drills you can implement into your speed training or coaching immediately to get your athletes moving.


Before we continue this is something you must understand and sometimes we have to slow down in order to go fast. Its important to minimise the errors in your technique so you can apply force in the right direction to get you moving where you want to go.

Speed training
In full flight! Alex Gray, Atlanta Falcons NFL.

Lets not waste time! Here are my top three got to Acceleration training drills for team sport athletes.

1. Wall Hold

Master the basic positions of projection. This is so often overlooked and can really harm your progress on the back end.

Front side wall hold.

Here is a short clip of me coaching this position from a recent seminar.

2. One Step Projection

I really like using this movement as an introductory drill. It teaches the you to push hard into the ground and create big powerful positions. Its important to note that problems you have within your first few steps are hard to remove later in a run. These will ultimately compromise speed.

One step push.

3. Resisted Walks

The best way to train specific force direction is with heavy resisted walks. I love these because they teach you to push and really apply force. They strengthen the necessary structures you need and also they can let the coaches see where the technical faults lie. Also the self correct as if you are weak or not pushing in the right way you WONT MOVE.

Resisted Walks for Acceleration

Apply these into your training program regularly and you will see some great immediate results.

Thank you for taking the time to read this short article. Please share with those whom you feel will benefit from this information.

To learn more about my Speed Coaching Progressions check out my coaches manual .

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